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Junior Templeton Fellow, Co-Founder & Project Manager at Fridge & Pantry Management, Winner of Entrepreneur Leadership Academy 2019.

My main motivation is to create environmental and social impact with all of my projects. In my freetime, I love doing sports, programming, travelling, and trying out new things each and every day.

I have organized my first event for my beloved sport, canoe, Canoe Night in 2020, at the age of only 17. I’ve joined Skeebdo, a Swiss-Hungarian project with the aim to make English learning more fun through movies and TV-shows.

My Skills.



I’ve acquired outstanding problem-solving skills in my previously started businesses (FriPa,, in which I am present as a professional coordinator or individual leader.



Despite my young age, I already have an extensive network, and I can build new relationships pretty easily. In most of the projects I am also resposible for PR & contact management.



Because of my ambitions, I have to do sports, learn, lead and boost projects at the same time, so I have to be really efficient with managing my time.


These are some additional facts about me what you may will find interesting.

Web development.

I’ve a theoretical knowledge on programming languages such as C#, C++, Python. I create the websites myself for most of my projects, e.g.,, and I also like to create other websites, like this personal page as a hobby.


I began swimming at the age of 5. After 7 years, I switched to canoing, which since then has become my most beloved sport. I’ve also won the national championship finals 2 times, at first in 2018 (C4 500m) and then in 2019 (C1 3x200m). 

Cognitive skills.

When I was younger, I’ve won several math competitions nationwide, and could solve the Rubic’s cube in under 32 seconds. According to the Mensa HungarIQa or other tests I have an exceptional IQ level of 132+..

Event Organizing.

I have organized my first event, the first National Canoe Night at the age of just 17, which was advertised in the news several times


2018 - Present

FriPa, a startup of enthusiastic high school students, started fighting for a sustainable future around 2 years ago. Their goal is to develop and maintain conscious shopping habits and to prevent wasting food with the help of an application and its versatile features, thus contributing to the minimization of global food waste, as well as diminishing the effects of climate change.

2019 - Present

DUGO is a Hungarian condom brand  with a unique design made especially for the youth. We offer monthly subscription system for the condoms and also, for Mystery Boxes in which we provide special, surprise products. We also provide a sex-educational platform for our customers with content made by the best and brightest minds in this field.

2019 - Present

Hungarian Canoe Nights is the first and only networking event for the Hungarian sportsmen of canoe. It is a fireside chat with 4 word-class sportsmen lead by a well-known anchorman, László Csáky. The first event took place 31st January, 2020, in the city hall of my beloved hometown, Törökbálint, where the mayor of the city greeted the nearly 100 guests.

2020 - Present

ZeroGo.Store is one of the first sustainable phone case stores in Hungary. We provide luxurious biodegradable phone cases for a reasonable price. In the future we are planning to expand our collection to other accessories as well.

2020 - Present

I’ve joined in May, 2020 as the fourth team member of Skeebdo. It is a Swiss-Hungarian project the aim of which is to make Englsih learning more fun and easier by providing an English vocab enhancer platform where the users can learn new words while enjoying their favourite films / TV-shows..


2015 - Present

Illyés is one of the top state schools in Hungary. There is usually a nine-fold oversubscription to get in.

2015 - 2017

“Hungarian Templeton Program was looking for the Hungarian exceptional cognitive talents in the age group of 10 to 29 all around Hungary and abroad with the help of the Hungarian talent network and voluntary applications. As a result of the complex identification process, consisting of three rounds of online tests and personal interviews, from close to 20,000 applicants 314 young Hungarian talents were given the Junior Templeton Fellow title at the inauguration ceremony held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on 12 March, 2016. The Fellows were given a one-year long personal support in order to nurture their talents in their individual fields of interest.”

2017 - 2018

“The open society of Future Talents Generation brings together self-motivated people who are determined to make an impact on our future. It is a colorful community of inspiring leaders, forward-thinking, innovative entrepreneurs, creative professionals, talented high school students and college students. What unites us is that we are not afraid to share our ideas with each other, that we think and act in the long run to build a better future.”

2018 - 2019

Free course series supported by inspiring mentors. The 16-30 year old young entrepreneurs have the chance to make their business idea into reality with the help of practical tools + experience + community. Participants learn: Personas | Prototyping | Failure Culture | Lean Business Model Canvas | Team Management | Design Thinking | UX | … and more. This is the program from which FriPa also started out.


American, British and Hungarian students got together in Győr in August 2019 to learn the 9-Steps of Idea-to-Commercialization© with Dr. Norman Gray, leader of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Quinnipiac University. The participants had to bootstrap an MVP product during the one week course. From the 7 competing teams the international juri announced our team as the winners of the academy, with our product, Woof Caller, a smart pet harness.

2019.10.10. - 2019.12.06.

Only 70 from 450 attendees were choosen to get free admittance for the 9-weeks long learning & leading course of ZYP Academy. As the youngest from all attendees, I was choosen to participate on the course at the age of just 17.

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